Though school’s out for summer, we know all too well how easy it can be to lose critical information learned during the year. LCA’s summer requirements enable students to stay “tuned up” in their grade appropriate levels of reading and math so that the on-ramp to learning in August is as smooth as possible.

Did you know that children who read over the summer continue to advance in the skills they acquired and developed during the school year? When children read “good fit” books for twenty minutes a day, they will gain 1,800,000 words by 6th grade. We want not only for our students to love reading but also to have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of reading.

This summer, we are giving our students some choices when it comes to summer work. Below are the choices they will have for reading and math.

READING: For reading, students may choose a BINGO card to complete for their corresponding grade level. They can choose to complete ten activities OR complete a double Bingo OR choose to complete a reading log to total fifteen hours of summer reading.


MATH: In math, we are asking all students to work on speed drills with the goal of reaching the timed requirements for each grade level. Students can choose to practice with pen and paper review sheets or with websites and/or apps.

Practice Math Worksheets

We hope you have a wonderful summer and that you will return in August refreshed and ready for another fantastic year.