Authentic Learning in MS Electives

This year at Loganville Christian Academy, we have prioritized authentic learning experiences in our middle school elective courses. In addition to offering new courses in technology, engineering, art, agriculture, and financial literacy, we have had to rethink how we evaluate students when their learning is grounded in hands-on and project-based experiences. This has led us to prioritize specific learning skills that we want our students to practice and master in these courses.

Diligence for Parents in the Digital Age

Parenting is hard. How do you know the right things to do with the new technology that keeps arriving on the market? Do you ever feel like our parents had it so much easier? The truth is there are “new” things for each generation to figure out. . . . As parents with limited time, energy, and money, how in the world can we stay on top these overwhelming and constant changes without losing our sanity? LCA would like to partner with you on this journey, as we explore the risks, trends, and guardrails you can set to responsibly and actively protect your family while leveraging technology for good.

Creativity + Collaboration = Poetry Cafe

Our LCA third graders hosted their annual poetry cafe on Valentine’s Day of this year. The cafe culminates the hard work the students have put in writing poetry since the beginning of the school year. In preparation, the students read and studied different types of poetry styles and elements with Mrs. Cote and Mrs. Echols. They were each able to write and publish more than ten different original poems that they collected in their notebooks.

Alumna Feature: Caroline Briggs, IT at GGC

After changing my major a couple times, I am now doing Information Technology with a concentration in Systems and Security. I chose this major after attending a Women in Technology Boot Camp at GGC. I immediately fell in love with programming and IT! I applied to be a Student Ambassador and went through an interview process and was selected. Applying to be an ambassador is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made! 

Curriculum Selection for Hybrid Program

Our curriculum is written based on standards that meet or exceed the state recommendations. Resources are chosen with that in mind. For the hybrid school, we used the same standards we have for the brick and mortar school. Some of the resources are the same where others are different. For Hybrid, we will be utilizing Saxon Math, Wilson Phonics, Prima Latina for Latin, and a few other reputable resources.

Seniors Take YouScience Aptitude Tests

Each year the seniors complete a Game of Life project where they are taught in economics to compile a year-long budget while looking at careers, paychecks, taxes, mortgages, car loans, etc. The project focuses on the practical side of life so that LCA graduates can be well-equipped to navigate their lives post high school. This year, the first piece of the project was an extensive career search using YouScience aptitude tests.