LCA sponsors twenty-four teams at the Middle School and Upper School level in fourteen different sports. Students as young as 2nd grade can participate in intramurals for soccer, cross-country, volleyball, and basketball. In addition, the South Gwinnett Athletic Association has allowed LCA to field teams in basketball and baseball when we have had enough interest in Lower School. For more information on any of these opportunities, please click the appropriate link below.

Middle School and High School Sports at LCA
Intramurals (getting info from Melissa Putnam)
SGAA Teams (getting info from Andre)

There are some forms that must be on file in order to try out for sports. If your student is interested in trying out for a Middle School or Upper School team, please fill out these forms and turn them in to the Athletic office prior to trying out.


Impact Testing

Tryout Form

There are additional fees associated with playing sports at LCA, but these fees are generally much lower than those at public schools. For all sports except for football, the fee is $225 per season. Football is $350 per season (regardless of the age). Other sports may also have suggested camps or additional training which may have associated fees; however, these are not required to participate in the sport at LCA. 

The Booster Club supports all sports at LCA. We do not have a separate Touchdown Club, Spike Club, etc. We also do not ask each individual sport to raise funds. The auction is the major fundraiser that supports athletics at LCA. However, we do print a Booster Club card each January. Athletes can pick these cards up from the Athletic office and they can sell as many of them as they wish for $10 each. There is no requirement to sell a certain number of any at all. Every penny the student makes is theirs to keep. We hope this helps our families with the cost of athletic fees. Booster Club also sells tickets to all sporting events. To buy a Booster Club pass (a huge savings vs. paying for each event), please click here.  

Fine Arts

There are many fine arts opportunities offered during the school day, but we also have some additional opportunities that take place after school. 

Students in grades K-12 can take piano lessons during the school day for an additional charge. Students in grades 4-12 can take voice lessons during the school day for an additional charge as well. You will find more information in the Piano Studio brochure.

Upper School students can begin taking band as a course in the 6th grade. Students can begin learning the Friday night fight songs and playing with the band in the stands in the 7th grade, and they can take the field to march in 8th grade. Marching Band students in 8th grade and up must attend Band Camp during the last week in July each year. There is a $175 fee to attend Band Camp.


On Wednesdays, Lower School students can participate in Taekwondo after school for an additional charge. For more information on this opportunity, please download the Christian Blackbelt Academy brochure.