Building the Future

We are excited to announce three new projects as part of LCA’s campus expansion plan, Building the Future.
Support for each of these projects has kicked off to a fantastic start. We are currently accepting pledges and donations
(monetary and gifts in kind). If you have questions about any of these projects, please contact Doug Monda.

The Den.jpg


$500k needed | $100k raised to date

Located within the bound of our football stadium, Hawkins Field, The Den will serve as a much-needed multifunctional space for students, families and guests. Included in the plans are an expanded concessions area and in-stadium restrooms, as well as a larger area to host meetings, indoor PE on rainy days, and other school-wide events. The first floor will house classrooms for our PreK and Kindergarten students.

We estimate that this project will cost approx. $500,000.

Money for The Den will be raised in three phases.

Phase 1 - $100,000; Architectural drawings, permits, septic engineering, footings and ground plumbing on both the restrooms and The Den

Phase 2 - $200,000; Foundation, Structure & Framing, Roofing, Siding, Windows, and Doors

Phase 3 - $200,000; Finishes & Interior

tennis courts.jpg


$55k needed | $31k raised to date

Four new tennis courts are envisioned for LCA's campus, providing a home court for our tennis team to use for practice and to host home meets. Our goal is to have the courts completed in spring 2019 or as soon as the funds are raised.

black track.jpg


$60k needed | $60k raised

The track surrounds Hawkins Field and has been laid and striped for use by our PE classes, Lower School students, and our student athletes.

The work kicked off on January 17 when the first piece equipment arrived at LCA and finished with the striping of the track on March 22. Progress photos of the project can be viewed here.