When Loganville Christian Academy opened its doors in 1998, the mission was—and still is—to “prepare students academically, spiritually, and socially for God’s call on their lives.” For the past twenty-one years, our team has successfully delivered this mission through the avenue of a traditional educational model.

We are excited to announce that in the fall of 2020, the opportunity of an LCA education will be available to a brand new audience through a Hybrid-model program for students entering kindergarten and first grade. There is no program like this in our area. This is not a co-op. This is a traditional, rigorous, Christ-centered education being delivered in a nontraditional way. A hybrid.

While our traditional model will also remain in place for kindergarten and first grade, we believe this new offering will attract the stay-at-home mom or dad who desires a combination of traditional on-campus instruction led by a degreed educator with parental training and support in the delivery of at-home education.


This new learning model blends components of at-home education with the experience and expertise of a qualified classroom teacher and the brand of an established Christian school.

  • Our team of educators chooses curriculum based on knowledge, experience, and expertise in their fields.

  • Our classroom teachers will establish partnerships with parents to provide guidance in the at-home education portion of the program. Our classroom teachers will provide student assignments for at-home learning, parent training, and support as well as monitor assessments, record grades, and manage the student’s permanent records.

  • Students will receive phonetic instruction to build the foundation in reading literacy.

  • Our educational team has the training to identify any areas of concern or weakness and suggest the necessary steps for testing or educational support, if needed.

  • There will be socialization opportunities to partner with families who also seek a Hybrid-model education.

  • As Hybrid-model students, children will enjoy the larger fellowship of being connected to the LCA school family by having access to additional opportunities, such as:

    • participating in Grad to Grad program (Kindergarten students only)

    • participating in PlayLCA athletics

    • participating in Beyond the Bell programs, such as Tae Kwon Do, Dance, and Piano

    • participating in the Lower School Christmas Play (3-day students only)

    • participating in LCA fundraising opportunities, including Fun Run & Auction

    • attending athletic and fine arts events as well as Vision Night each winter

    • purchasing spirit-wear


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2.5-Day Program: The 2.5-day program on Tuesdays (8:15 to 3:15), Thursdays (8:15 to 3:15), and Wednesday mornings (8:15 to noon) will be an engaging environment for exploratory learning in a traditional classroom setting. The top-notch curriculum has been carefully selected.

The weekly schedule includes the following: language arts, writer’s workshop, read alouds, math, themed science and social studies, physical education, STEM, centers (K5), and recess. The first-grade program will also include Latin as a foreign language.

3-Day Program: The 3-day program adds on Wednesday afternoons (noon to 3:15 p.m.) to include all of the above offerings plus technology, art, and music classes.



Application fee $175 (additional sibling $20; one-time fee)

Registration fee $300

Testing fee $50 (one-time fee)

Technology fee $50

Sustaining fee $100 (This fee may be offset by participation in
the annual Fun Run fundraiser.)


10-Month Plan 12-Month Plan

2.5 day $385 $320.83
3 day $425 $354.17

First Grade
2.5 day $425 $354.17
3 day $465 $387.50


Monthly Pay Plan: Families choose payments on either the 5th or the 20th of each month beginning in June and ending in May. Payments are made via automatic bank draft or debit/credit card (via FACTS). All curriculum is included in tuition.

Admissions Process: Hybrid students will follow the established admissions process (criteria and procedures) to include application submission, teacher and church leader recommendations, testing, and interview. Open enrollment will begin on February 11, 2019, however, applications can be started sooner.

Standard of Dress: Standard of dress guidelines while on campus will be the established standards. School uniforms may be purchased from any vendor and include a polo shirt (white, navy, yellow, or gray) and khaki or navy pants/shorts/skorts. LCA spiritwear sweatshirts or monogrammed sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, or fleece may also be worn. Full standard of dress guidelines are available in the Family Handbook.

Lunch: All students will eat lunch in the lunchroom, either bringing their own packed lunch or ordering catered lunches in advance.


It is assumed that a family is enrolling for the entire year, and budgets are set accordingly. If a student is withdrawn before the end of the school year, a thirty-day advance, written notice is required. The existing month’s tuition in the month the student withdraws plus an additional two-month withdrawal fee will be assessed. Report cards and/or transcripts are released to the parent or other schools only when the student’s financial account is current.


Parents can choose either the 5th or the 20th of each month for the draft to occur. Once that date is chosen, it will remain in place for the balance of the school year. In the event the draft is attempted but fails to be paid due to insufficient funds, a $30 late charge will be applied to the tuition account and a second draft will be attempted in fourteen days.