How to Invest with LCA

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Doug Monda
Chief Financial Officer
(770)554-9888 x3112
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LCA has greatly benefited from the generosity of family and friends in the community who have shown a willingness to be sustaining participants in the life of our school. LCA is committed to graduating students that exemplify an integrated worldview, possess strong academic skills, and desire to make an impact in their culture. If you would like to partner with us financially, there are many opportunities to consider.

LCA is a 501c3 corporation. Deductibility for tax purposes varies by the type and amount of deduction. Contact your attorney or tax advisor for specific information.


Companies that believe in the mission of LCA and recognize the school's impact on our community can partner with us through our Corporate Sponsorship program.

Many businesses wish to ensure their support goes to academic enhancements, recognizing that strong schools build strong communities and economies. The Corporate 300 is a group of local businesses that each agree to support LCA for a very affordable $300 per school year. Those companies who choose to support the school in this way will have their name listed on the Corporate 300 wall in the main hall of the Upper School building for the entire school year.

To participate in the Corporate 300 Partnership Program, please complete the Membership Form


At LCA, all sports are supported by one centralized Booster Club. Athletic sponsorships support all of our twenty-five athletic teams in various sports. All athletic sponsors receive two Booster Club passes valid for admission to all regular season home athletic events for the academic year they choose to sponsor. In addition, supporter’s logos scroll across our athletic website at, and their name is mentioned in every quarter or every other inning of all home games for the venues where they place signage. There are several levels for athletic sponsorships that offer significant exposure for our sponsors. Not only are LCA athletic venues used by our own LCA sports teams, but they are used by other teams in the community nearly every single week of the year, giving our partners added visibility.

  • Gold Level Sponsor: $1,500 signup fee/$1,000 renewal fee

    • Sign with logo at all 3 athletic venues: football, gymnasium, and baseball/softball

  • Blue Level Sponsor: $1,000 signup fee/$750 renewal fee

    • Sign with logo at your choice of 2 of our 3 athletic venues: football, gymnasium, or baseball/softball

  • White Level Sponsor: $750 signup fee/$500 renewal fee

    • Sign with logo at your choice of 1 of our 3 athletic venues: football, gymnasium, or baseball/softball

  • Gym Decal Sponsor: $2,500 signup fee

    • Includes two 4' decals on gymnasium floor (limited to 2 sponsors)

  • Team Seating Sponsor: $2,500 signup fee

    • Logo on all team seating in gymnasium (limited to 2 sponsors)

  • Full Scoreboard Sponsors: $7,000 football/$3,500 all others

    • Full-sized sign underneath our scoreboard at one of our athletic venues (football, gymnasium, or baseball/softball)

  • Half Scoreboard Sponsors: $4,000 football/$2,000 all others

    • Half-sized sign underneath our scoreboard at one of our athletic venues (football, gymnasium, or baseball/softball)

To secure you athletic sponsorship, click here.


Cash gifts are deductible for federal income tax purposes, up to a limit of 50 percent of your AGI, if deductions are itemized. Where cash gifts exceed this limit, the excess may be carried over up to five years.


Donors to LCA can make outright gifts and pledges in the form of appreciated securities rather than cash, benefiting from extra tax advantages. If itemized, one is entitled to a charitable income-tax deduction for the full value of the gift, provided one has owned the securities for more than twelve months. One avoids paying a tax on capital gains owed if you sold the securities and then donated the cash. Gifts of securities are deductible for federal tax purposes up to a limit of 30 percent of your adjusted gross income.


Donors to LCA can use owned stock in a closely held corporation to make a gift to LCA that can produce substantial tax benefits. There are a number of strategies that one can use to structure the gift according to the donor's circumstances.


LCA has been the recipient of donated vehicles that greatly enhance student transportation to after school events. If you have an extra vehicle in good working condition, consider donating it to LCA. It will save you the trouble of selling it, and you will earn a tax deduction for its fair market value.


Double your donation! As a registered nonprofit organization, LCA is eligible for many employers' Corporate Matching Gifts programs. Contributions made via pledges for the Fun Run, Work-A-Thon, Pledge for the Cause and other tax deductible donations qualify as matching donations. Simply obtain a matching gift form from your Human Resources department or company website, fill in the few required spaces and submit it to your employer or LCA according to the directions on the form. 

For questions, contact Stephanie Wilson or Kerry Towe.