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The visual arts program at LCA is built on the truth that “…in the beginning, God created…” Our goal is to instruct children from God’s perspective and inspire them to see the world through a biblical lens. What better way than to visually examine the world He created to better know and understand who our almighty God is? Moreover, visual literacy is becoming a necessity in our visually stimulating world. The technological environment is overloaded with sensory data. The ability to perceive, interpret, understand, and evaluate such stimuli is critical. The arts help all children to develop multiple capabilities for understanding and deciphering an image in a symbol-laden world. Teaching kids to “read” visual information is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to having our spiritual beliefs challenged by secular ads and promotions.

The visual arts curriculum at LCA has the underlying purpose to develop visually literate, observant, and discerning young adults. To this end, the major emphasis of the art program at the elementary level is to develop observant examiners of God’s creation, which in turn cultivates creative thinking and problem-solving skills. Learning to use a variety of art media and techniques encourages exploration and fosters an understanding of excellence in craftsmanship. The concepts, skills and materials that are introduced are continually reinforced throughout the learner’s elementary years. The artistic experiences provide a means of self-expression and serve to build confidence in each student. Lessons are based on current and relevant situations students find themselves in as they progress through school. Academic units of study are incorporated as much as possible to broaden and enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom.

The Lower School music program at LCA is based on the three main areas of music, which include singing, playing instruments, and movement. The primary focus is for students to actively engage in music through these three concepts. Our music room provides the ideal space for students to engage their creative sides. Students begin using Orff instruments as early as Pre-K and our fourth and fifth grade students focus on the recorder as a great way to practice music reading skills. Each year, our entire elementary program is pleased to present a celebratory Christmas experience for our families using the musical skills they've developed throughout the semester.

In LCA’s piano program, LCA is the only school in Georgia designated as a Founding School with The Royal Conservatory of Music.