Physical education is learning through movement, fitness, games, and responsible actions. Physical education allows each of us to care for our bodies to the glory of God. A healthy body enables one to serve God diligently and perform the duties He commands. Through PE classes, students are taught the importance of playing within the rules, accepting direction from those in authority, using skills in harmony with others, taking ownership of each of our choices, and being gracious in victory as well as defeat.

Physical education at LCA works with each family to ensure every student receives the structure needed for each student to be successful in class and carry that success with them into other areas of life. For this endeavor to be successful, students work toward character awards, fitness awards, class work goals, homework goals, grade level skill goals, biblical application toward activity, and self-comparison rather than other-comparison. 

Mrs. Kellie Snell, the physical education teacher, does a fabulous job working with the Lower School students. The results from the Presidential Physical Fitness Test indicate that the Lower School students are working hard at being fit.