As with any journey, it’s best to have a map and a plan. It also helps if you know the language.  


LCA has 92 faculty and staff members and at some point in your journey, you are likely to interact with every one of them, so it helps to know who to go to for specific needs. Who does what helps you determine which members of our non-instructional staff you might need to see for specific needs. There are pictures, too, to help you identify if you’ve gone to the right person!


There are a few marquis events every year at LCA that we ask all parents to attend. Please go ahead and mark your calendars now for these don’t miss dates.

Lower School Curriculum Night—For parents of students in PreK-5th grade—August 16
Upper School Curriculum Night—For parents of students in grades 6-9—August 22  
Proceeds for the Pride Auction—All LCA families are expected to participate—November 5
Lower School Christmas Play—Students in grades PreK-5th grade—December 8
Vision Night—One parent from each LCA family is required to attend—January 26


LCA is spread out over 63 acres and has over 90,000 square feet of educational space, so finding your way around can take a little while. There are five major areas on campus. These are:

  • Main building—This is the brick building all the way at the end of the driveway. It is a two-story building that houses most high school and some middle school classes, administrative offices, the STEM lab, our main lunchroom and all Upper School student lockers.  
  • Modulars—These are the modulars located between the baseball field and the main building. You can find Band, the theater, the Lower School STEM Lab, Lower School music and art, the library, and several academic classes for Middle School and Upper School in these buildings.
  • Lodge—This is the name for the building that houses not only our gymnasium but also classrooms for 2nd-5th grade as well as our athletic offices.  
  • Village—Our affectionate term for the modulars that are located at the visitor’s end zone of Hawkins football field. Here you will find our Lower School administration, classrooms and carpool for PreK-1st grade students, the After Care rooms, piano and karate rooms, the Lower School library and technology lab, and the Lower School lunchroom.
  • Barn—Our newest building on campus is called the barn because it houses our athletic training facility which used to literally be located in a barn across the street from campus. This building was constructed debt free by our parents. Also in this building is a multi-purpose room that can host meetings, team banquets and indoor recess or P.E., locker rooms, press box and concessions stand for baseball and softball, as well as cardio equipment. The deck off the back of the building is one of the best places around from which to watch a ball game.
  • See our entire campus map


Every country speaks a language and every region of the country speaks its own dialect or has its own sayings. Here at LCA, you may find yourself listening to a conversation and wondering what in the world people are talking about. Learn a little more about LCA’s jargon.