New Year’s Resolution for the Sports Parent: Take a Step Back

 It is a new year, which means a fresh start … new goals and new commitments. According to my very brief, non-scientific internet search, the most common resolutions in 2018 were to eat healthier and save more money. Another quick google search told me that more than 80% of resolutions fail by February 1 and a mere 8% manage to make it the whole year.

One of the most common reasons resolutions fail

In Case You Missed The Informational Meeting...

I am so excited about getting the details of PlayLCA into the hands of the people who can really make the program take off – you! The parents!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a passion for protecting the youth sports experience for kids.  Sports played a tremendous role in my own life as a child and sports continue to help shape my life as an adult. I still compete