Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. All gifts given to the the Annual Fund are tax deductible.

Why is my participation important?

LCA desires to secure philanthropic support through Grants and Foundations. These organizations want to be assured that the families who are partnered with the school are highly vested in their own giving. It is not uncommon for the first request of these organizations to be the percentages of participation in giving by current families.

What is an appropriate gift towards The Annual Fund?

A gift of any amount is appreciated and counts towards overall participation measurements. Each donor is asked to prayerfully consider giving a meaningful gift at whatever level that may be for you and that reflects your commitment to LCA.

How is the goal for The Annual Fund determined?

The Annual Fund goal is based on the gap between revenue and the operating budget. Enrollment and tuition revenue goals determine the operating budget for the school year. Once school begins actual enrollment and tuition revenue is finalized. This budget process sets our goal for The Annual Fund to bridge the gap between expected revenues and budgeted operating expenses.

Can I designate my gift to a specific area at LCA?

We ask that all Annual Fund gifts be undesignated. The Annual Fund is part of the school operating budget. However, there are times when expectations can be made for unique opportunities.

Why aren’t fees considered Annual Fund gifts?

Activity, technology, and sustaining fees do not meet IRS guidelines for tax deductible gifts.

What does the annual fund replace?

The Annual Fund replaces the fall Auction and spring Lower School Fun Run.

What does the annual fund not replace?

Any required fees.

Will there be any other fundraisers?

Yes. Families are invited to attend the annual Clay Target Shoot in the winter and/or the Golf Tournament in the spring. However, the target audience for these events is business and community leaders and participation by LCA families is not required.