The pursuit of excellence is the driving force of LCA’s technologically advanced college preparatory curriculum. LCA is intentional about looking ahead and incorporating technology into curriculum in such a way that it prepares students for their next steps, and its use is aligned with biblical principles. We recognize that the role of technology is constantly changing in our world and strive to incorporate its use when it adds value. Teachers are encouraged to infuse time-tested educational practices with the advancement of technology to enhance learning.

Technology is introduced to our youngest students through interactive whiteboards and weekly technology classes. Our technology curriculum spirals to build upon the skills taught in prior years. We introduce our youngest students in Pre-K and kindergarten to technology through the introduction of a computer workstation, the use of a mouse, and basic navigation of a website. Fundamental keyboarding skills, word processing, and multimedia presentation creation are introduced in first grade. Second through fifth grade students expand on these fundamental skills while being introduced to spreadsheets, desktop publishing techniques, digital photography, and research strategies. Students are exposed to coding early in their academic careers, with opportunities to expand the knowledge each year. SWAT Team (Students Who Assist with Technology) and Code Club are offered to those desiring additional learning. For more information on our Lower School technology curriculum, click here.

Our unique iLearn initiative, which focuses on our Middle School and Upper School students, is more than just interactive classroom technology, individual student devices, and wireless laboratories. The goal is to educate responsible digital citizens who approach learning with creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and enhanced problem-solving skills. To learn more about our iLearn initiative, click here.