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 Matt and Lindsey Petitt

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We are new to LCA this school year. We came eager and ready for a fresh start for our daughter. Addi is in the 7th grade. We knew middle school years could be tough but we had no idea how tough until midway through her 6th grade year. We were slowly noticing her joy and love of all things school related fading away. She was unhappy and struggling to fit in.

We knew we had to make a change. Her joyful spirit was something we were not willing to let her loose.

We decided to look into LCA. As we went through the different opportunities to learn more about LCA, like preview day, shadow day, asking around, and more, it was becoming more and more clear to us that this was where we wanted Addi to continue her schooling. But there was just one problem. The cost. On paper, it really didn’t appear that our family could swing the cost associated with private school. But we decided to pray and ask God to show us a way if this was in fact where Addi was meant to be. Things started to line up. Money started to come. God provided!

Fast forward a few months and here we are, loving LCA! God has provided every single month. We have not questioned one time if this was the right choice. Addi has her joy back. She loves school! She has made wonderful friends and LCA has been such a breath of fresh air for our family. We are so thankful for this new chapter in our lives. We undoubtedly know this is part of His plan for Addi, and cannot wait to watch Him continue to shape and mold her through the amazing staff at LCA.

Matt and Lindsey Petitt


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