Passion 2017 // Make History Together

I enjoyed listening to Jay & Katherine Wolf. They gave me a whole new perspective on pain and suffering. Katherine said that most people think “Don’t waste your life.” Instead, think, “Don’t waste your pain.” Suffering is the beginning of something better. After seeing the challenges they’ve faced in their lives, it was amazing to see how faithful they’ve been.
— Caleb Wilson, Senior
Passion is more than a conference. More than an event. More than a feeling. Passion is you and me saying goodbye to lesser things and saying yes to Jesus, the One whose name is above every name.

On January 2, 37 members of our senior class, headed to Atlanta for Passion 2017. Our students, along with 55,000 other high school & college students and young adult leaders, gathered at the Georgia Dome for 3 days to focus on Jesus.  The conference kicked off with amazing worship by the Passion Band, Crowder (who surprised the crowd with Carrie Underwood) & teaching by Christine Caine. The three days were like drinking from a fire hydrant, full of relevant teachings applicable to this generation of students! Snip its from each of the speakers are outlined below.

Christine Caine: Endurance: The capacity to bear up under difficult circumstance.                                                       Drop It Now. Start Here Now. Look Up Now.

Beth Moore: Only once you begin to really know Jesus, the enchantments of this world cannot compete.

John Piper: God is most exalted when we are satisfied in Him.

Levi Lusko: Don't rely on will power because you have God's power.

Francis Chan: This generation needs to focus on God's thoughts.

Katherine & Jay Wolf: Don't waste your pain. Bring it in close & let it be your tutor.

Louie Giglio: We are free because of the devastating power of the cross.