Kindergarten Science

The start of a brand new school year! There is something so inspiring about beginnings—especially in kindergarten at LCA. Last week, the kindergarten class was inspired to learn what science is. They were super-excited to find out that by just asking questions, wondering, observing, researching, and experimenting that they, too, can be scientists. Each student donned a lab coat and grabbed a magnifying glass and clipboard to discover new things.

This was a creative activity, led by Mrs. Kit Wittner, to pump them up about science. Now when they see “science” written on the board, for many years to come, they will know it can be exciting. Mrs. Wittner, the kindergarten teacher at LCA, told her class that there will be many times throughout the year when they will put on their lab coats and grab tools to research, observe, ask questions, and experiment.

LCA is privileged to serve this generation of students—all the way from kindergarten science to seniors in Bio-Med III.