Loganville Christian Academy shows initiative and vision to kick off
each school year with Alpha Camp. Alpha Camp is a chance to get away
from the pressures of school and connect with other Upper School
students in order to forge relationships that will last through the
year and, hopefully, years to come. Alpha is intentionally positioned
right at the launch of the school year to ensure that the year is
centered around Christ.

This year’s Alpha Camp was a bit different from those in the past.
Typically, this is an off-campus retreat. However, instead of
traveling this year, students and faculty gathered within the walls of
our own campus to worship and study God’s Word. These days were
filled with growth and unification among the student body.

Alpha Camp is a highlight of every school year, and LCA’s chapel crew
takes a leadership role in planning the week, which included a special
night just for the seniors. The seniors started Alpha Camp a day
early, spending time as a class bowling and then being treated to a
steak dinner made by Mr. Davis and his wife, Mrs. Kathy Davis. The
night also contained worship and a talk from Ken Sirmans, pastor of
Journey Church. Ken Sirmans spoke encouragement to the seniors as they
step into their last year of high school and begin to plan for the
future. He reminded them to chase after and fight for the path of
holiness. Senior Jacob Tanner, SGA President, said, “Senior Night at
Alpha Camp was a really special experience. Having our own afternoon
to spend together as a class was a great opportunity and a great way
to start our final year of high school together.”

The envision for Alpha Camp and the entire school year is centered
around Micah 6:8, “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does
the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and
to walk humbly with your God?”. Although Thursday morning began on a
less serious note, with comedian Brandon Rushin, God
quickly began moving in the hearts of each student throughout the Camp
as they worshipped, prayed, dived into Scripture, and spent time
together in small groups. Even aside from the spiritual focus, during
the various fun, team building activities at Main Event in Suwanee and
Stone Mountain that allowed student bonding to take place, it was
obvious that spiritual awakening was taking place and there was so
much promise for the year to come.