Loganville Christian Academy is excited to bring STEM education to all of our students in K–12. Mrs. Sherry Morris, LCA’s Upper School STEM teacher, directed a couple of fun, interactive projects for the students in her Middle School STEM classes this week.

Yesterday, the 8th grade Robotics class went to Mrs. Giddens PreK classroom to have the PreK students try out and judge the “pull toys” the Robotics students have been designing. Out of the six toys demonstrated, the PreK students voted for “Ducky” as their favorite. The Robotics class designed these toys using mechanisms to move along the ground while meeting the following criteria: 

  • Built entirely from VEX robotics parts

  • Built on a small, four-wheel chassis capable of being pulled across a table-top surface; the movement of the wheels will make the toy move

  • A gear mechanism attached to the wheels will make another part of the pull toy move

  • An illustration should be added to the output of the mechanism to simulate the toy

Earlier this week in Design and Modeling class, the sixth grade students at LCA solved each other's puzzle cubes. The projects were first designed by the students who worked collaboratively in pairs, designing plastic models first that were transferred into the wooden cubes. The students then timed each other as they attempted to solve the cubes.

Pictures taken during the demonstration of both of these innovative and collaborative projects are included below. Great work, sixth and eighth grade STEM classes!