New LS Art Tables

One does not have to be around Mrs. Touchton for long to appreciate her love for the Lower School students and her passion for developing their creativity in LCA’s art classes. During the past thirteen years, she has taught many students for half a dozen years in a row . . . and then reminisced with them as graduates who are now just visiting campus. Her joyful spirit—which by God’s grace reflects Jesus and is representative of so many others in the LCA family—is refreshing and contagious, nonetheless.

This is why we wanted to share the following blessing with you, in her words, from the LS art room last week:

This year a parent, who had read my “wish list” for the LS art room, emailed me inquiring about the art tables I had on the list. I sent her a link to a Four-Square art table I was interested in. After careful consideration, and a lot of dreaming, she decided to bless us with six new art tables. They were delivered to the school this week, and our amazing Facilities team immediately assembled them so that we could use them right away.

The students and I are thrilled! They are high-quality, solid wood with a very nice laminate top that cleans up beautifully. It has been fun to watch the excitement and hear the joy of the students as each class arrived to the art room and saw our surprise! The donor’s daughter is in the first grade, and her class happened to be the first one to see the new tables!

All of us are grateful for Dr. Alicia Moon’s donation to the Fine Arts department at LCA. In the art classes, we have been thanking God for her and asking our heavenly Father to bless her and the Moon Mobile Veterinary Service for her generous giving heart.

The following is Dr. Moon’s gracious response to their sincere expression of thankfulness for the art tables:

I appreciate the outpouring of gratitude from Mrs. Touchton and LCA, and I’m so happy that I could make someone’s dream come true! I’m glad to know that children of all ages will be able to enjoy and benefit from the tables for years to come. And I hope it serves as an inspiration or spark to others to give and love generously in any manner that they can.

Another beautiful aspect in this story is how Mrs. Touchton shared with the children that, while someone blessed them in a big way with the tables, they can turn around and bless someone else with a card they make or time they give in helping to make someone’s day brighter or easier. While giving may vary from person to person, we can all show generosity to act on whatever God puts on our hearts to do for someone else who crosses our path. And sometimes the biggest blessing comes in giving to someone who could never repay you!

In this fall season, as we approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, people may be looking for year-end ways to embrace the spirit of giving in order to make a difference in a tangible way. Classroom wish lists are available through the PTF with interesting items, such as an area rug, butcher paper, floor lamp, Swiffer jet, shelves under the chalkboard, a globe, or art tables and stools. From small items to larger items . . . from the gift of time to the need for prayer, let’s look for ways to be a blessing to the people around us—despite the busyness of life and our schedules!