Staff Feature: Martha Caulk

Almost everyone in the LCA family has been touched in some way by Martha Caulk, the Lodge receptionist and the basketball gatekeeper. Below are just a few “signs of excellence” staff testimonials that circled recently, which are representative of what every staff member could say about her. At LCA we believe that God is writing every story and that everyone’s story is significant. Reading the testimonials, I knew Martha was special, so I decided to approach her about a staff feature.

Martha Caulk.jpg

Of course, she’s humble also, but she was willing to share what the Lord has brought her through for His glory. Once again, I’m reminded that some of the sweetest, kindest people in the world are the ones who have “suffered” but are full of God’s grace and aware of His providential care in a deep and meaningful way. You’ll be blessed because when we take time to learn each other’s stories, life becomes even sweeter as part of the LCA family!

“She [Martha] is just a rock star! I sent my programs to the Lodge printer and then got busy and didn’t get them picked up. But then I got a phone call, “Your programs are at my desk.” And I thought, Oh, it’s so sweet that she didn’t want them to get mixed up with the other print jobs so she pulled them off the printer for me. I sent a student to grab them: she had not only taken them off the printer but had folded them all! Thank you, Martha!” —Cheryl Ingle, Fine Arts Director

“After the auction, I had put all of my black ‘food’ tablecloths in the mechanical room so that I could wash them. Like Cheryl, I got busy with all the other things, and when I went back, Martha had washed and folded all the tablecloths!” —Kerry Towe, Fundraising Coordinator

“We’ve been having some issues with my computer not wanting to print to the Lodge. During the whole time Martha has allowed me to email her my printing, and she would print it out for me! She never acts like it’s an imposition and always has a smile and kind word. Excellence personified!” —Mike Davis, US STEM Teacher

“We love Martha in the Lodge! She is thoughtful and kind to each student. She even purchased a reward for students she noticed doing well in the hall! They were beyond excited! Also, she is the world’s best coffee maker!” —Candace Scoggins, LS Teacher

Martha shared the following testimonial about her life story:

I was born in the state of New York and from the age of eight until eighteen, I grew up in Syracuse, New York. I attended Oswego State Teachers College until I came down with mononucleosis in my sophomore year. Finances were scarce in our family, so I chose to live at home and work for the New York telephone company. I was married in 1967 and have two children, Kim and Todd, and four precious grandbabies.

I spent thirty years living in the Ft. Lauderdale area of Florida. I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church where Dr. D. James Kennedy was (and is) pastor. I was employed by Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church where I was associate director and director of the Coral Ridge Concert Series. We were the “model” for church concert series across the country. We were able to present gifted artists, such as Sandi Patty, John Tesh, The Oak Ridge Boys, Johnny Cash, The Vienna Boys Choir, and hundreds more.

I loved my work; however, following a battle with cancer and a divorce in 1998, I began to see God’s hand starting to prepare my heart for a change. My son and his wife had just been transferred to Buford, and my daughter and her family were residents in Lilburn. Even though my “family” was at Coral Ridge and they had walked through all the fires and ups and downs with me, I knew it was now the time to relocate to be near my children and grandbabies.

God opened every door wide for me—all the plans fit together like a puzzle—there is no doubt in my mind. So, on a big step of faith with no job here, I moved to Lawrenceville. My daughter had taught at Providence Christian Academy and had kept in touch with Dean Unsicker. The rest of the story is history. Here I am with my blood family and my LCA family. God placed me in the position I now serve in at LCA one week after I moved here, and that was over fifteen years ago. What a mighty God we serve!

Martha went on to acknowledge that in 2012 she was diagnosed with lymphoma and in 2017 metastatic breast cancer, but she continues to serve joyfully and is such a thankful person. We love you, Martha! Thank you for your fifteen years (and still counting!) of faithful service at LCA. You are a trophy of God’s grace to all of us.