Alumna Feature: Jordan Willett

When I graduated from LCA in 2015, I had no idea what I wanted to do and what I hoped to accomplish throughout my collegiate career. In the midst of applying to several different undergraduate programs, I stumbled across Belmont University. After visiting a few times and applying to Belmont, I felt the Lord calling me to take a leap of faith and move to Nashville. This was definitely out of my comfort zone, considering the fact that I was born and raised in Loganville and had not seen much of the world. Little did I know that my decision to attend Belmont would forever change the path of my life.

Belmont pushed me out of my comfort zone. Throughout my time in Nashville, I have learned a lot about myself, my goals, and my passions. I’ve traveled and studied abroad in unique places like Germany, Chile, South Africa, and Tanzania. I’ve had the opportunity to intern with several thriving companies in Nashville and explore different potential career paths. This past summer, I started praying and asked the Lord to help me find an internship or job that I was passionate about. I knew that I didn’t want to sit at a desk all day, I wanted to travel, and more importantly, I wanted to love my job!

I started exploring my options. There were many times that I felt hopeless, and I kept hearing the Lord tell me to just wait. After applying to over twenty jobs, I received an email from the digital marketing director at Premier Productions, a tour production and artist promotion company. In the email, she asked me if I was still interested in the on-tour social media position on the “Big Church Night Out” tour in the fall. When I read this email, I was shocked. I immediately started crying. After I emailed her back, we had a FaceTime call and an in-person interview, and then I was hired for the position! The daunting fact of still being a student at Belmont terrified me. However, I was able plan my class schedule around the tour schedule. My professors were more than willing to work with my busy schedule.  

Thus far, the tour is amazing! I get to travel the country with talented artists like David Crowder, Jordan Feliz, and Sarah Reeves. I have had the opportunity to meet incredible people and learn so much about myself in the process. This fall, we are traveling to over twenty-eight cities and twenty states. I love my tour family and this experience! I will be traveling with Winter Jam from January through March, doing all social media for Winter Jam and NewSong.

Through this experience, the Lord is definitely teaching me to trust him and be patient. The Lord is good, and His plans for us are greater than our plans for ourselves. He is still writing my story.

All that being said, I would not be where I am today without LCA and my support system back home. It’s truly what keeps me going!