thanksgiving pic.jpg

It is widely known that brain research supports the tangible benefits of having a spirit of gratitude. When we are aware of all we have to be thankful for, we are able to be more relaxed, more resilient, make better decisions, and enjoy better overall health.

While many of us strive to make gratitude a big part of our everyday lives, the month of November provides a natural pause for all of us to reflect on all we have to be grateful for as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.

As families all over the nation gather around beautiful tables with turkeys, and all the fixings to celebrate this holiday, the team at LCA is thankful for the rich partnership we enjoy with parents, students, and one another. Jesus is writing a beautiful story in and through LCA, and we never want to take for granted the dedication and sacrifice of all the people who make so much happen, so well, on a daily basis. Together, we are LCA.

May your Thanksgiving holiday be filled with the awareness of God’s presence in your lives. As a gesture of gratitude, enjoy the brief presentation below, retrospective of this year and representative of all our students, to fill you with joy, energy, and optimism!


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