Pre-K Students Enjoy STEM

Loganville Christian Academy’s pre-kindergarten class is taking steps to develop a sturdy foundation for some of the most technical academic fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, collectively known as STEM. 

 By beginning STEM topics early in the educational experience, we are more likely to capture children’s interest than if the exposure were delayed. At LCA we are fostering a love of learning and engaging our youngest students in conducting science experiments.

Our preschool teachers are among students' earliest role models, and they have the opportunity to set an example by being excited about math and science. If the students see that their teachers are interested in STEM subjects, they will become more curious about exploring it for themselves. LCA lays a foundation for our elementary-aged students that gives them the confidence to grow, to question, and to explore all content areas.

Recently, our pre-K class has been using a STEM lab to create bubbles using soap and air, they have learned about color and water adhesion using a “jumping rainbows” activity, and they have used basic ingredients to create a snow storm. LCA is excited to be able to introduce STEM as early as Pre-K and build on that through high school.