Student Teacher This Semester

LCA would like to welcome Miss Puchta, a student teacher in Mrs. Lambert’s fifth grade classroom. The following is a brief introduction from Josie:

Hi! My name is Miss (Josie) Puchta. I’m a new student teacher here at LCA. A student teacher is someone who is about to graduate college and be a teacher, but she needs to spend time in another teacher’s classroom before she can get her own. The college that I go to is called Moody Bible Institute and it’s in Chicago Illinois. So, that’s where I’ve been living the past four years; however, I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. My favorite things to do outside of school are read, make artwork, and travel. I’ve been to over nine different countries and plenty of places around the United States. I also spend a lot of my time planning a wedding because I’m getting married in the spring. If you see me around, please say hi!
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