Seniors Take YouScience Aptitude Tests

 LCA’s mission is to prepare students spiritually, academically, and socially for God’s call on their lives. This results in the administration and faculty at LCA intentionally equipping our students for life in every area. An example of this purpose-driven mission was evident in our high school economics class recently.

Each year the seniors complete a Game of Life project where they are taught in economics to compile a year-long budget while looking at careers, paychecks, taxes, mortgages, car loans, etc. The project focuses on the practical side of life so that LCA graduates can be well-equipped to navigate their lives post high school. This year, the first piece of the project was an extensive career search using YouScience aptitude tests.

 YouScience uses short “brain games” based on cutting edge technology to gather information about the students’ aptitudes and interests. Students can explore how their natural abilities affect their school, work, and social lives, descriptions of strengths and potential difficulties, as well as descriptive language to use for resumes or college applications. 

Included in the aptitude testing is an interest survey, and students can explore a database of over 500 careers based on their aptitudes and interests. These career choices can lead to possible majors to explore in the college section. The YouScience application provided an interesting way for LCA’s seniors to explore career options and solidify their college plans.